We fulfill the cleaning tasks, treatments, revisions and necessary adjustments through our authorized professionals in order to maintain the good condition of your pool. Proper maintenance prevents the appearance of infectious foci and dirt, enjoying a crystalline and healthy water instead. According to the pool features, we propose the best maintenance plan to suit your needs, optimizing to the most all resources using top quality professional products. Even after long periods without maintenance, in most cases, we can recover the good condition of the water without emptying the pool. We achieve this way water in its optimal values ready to be used.

Among the usual services that includes the maintenance of swimming pools, the following ones should be noted:

  • Cleaning of the basin bottom with pool cleaners
  • Cleaning of walls by brushing
  • Cleaning of swimming pool overflows
  • Cleaning of showers
  • Filter washing
  • Measuring levels of chlorine / bromine, ph, alkalinity and stabilizers in the pool basin Adjustment of levels of chlorine / bromine, ph, alkalinity and stabilizers
  • Algae control
  • Checking equipment, pumps and accessories